Fire Goddess



Anatolia the Fire Goddess is an international belly dancer based out of NYC and CT. The Fire Goddess weaves a spectacular story with her technique, creativity and skill.She is notorious for her unique style and custom props and costums; including a ten foot golden fire dress (tanora), fire isis wings, crystal ball contact juggling and magnetic fire masks. Her truly one of a kind acts have been performed from India to Egypt. Blending traditional and fusion belly dance styles; what she likes to call "Neo-Cabaret" Anatolia never leaves room for a dull moment.

Anatolia is a dynamic public figure, featured in Rolling Stones Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, VH1's Who was I in HightSchool and much more. Her performances ranges from corporate, children's parties to runways shows. Hired for fashion week, Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, Dance of Vice, Tumblr, Google,Yale secret society, WhistlePig Whiskey, Fireball Whiskey, Trinity College and Countless corporate events, colleges and high school event.


  1. Fire Shows


Anatolia the fire goddess has a number of fire shows ranging in production size. Anything From multiple international performers and projection fire shows to back yard parties. Along with the shows there is also interactive roaming with fire masks, crowns and wings.



Belly dance fire show

(with projection screen or with out)

The belly dance fire show is ideal for indoor tight locations. Using special fuels that do not set off smoke alarms its safe for most indoor locations. The belly dance fire show uses dynamic fire acts paired with belly dance to create a sensual and mystical production. Show runs between 20 to thirty min long, after the show interactive dance or photos with fire crowns and wings are included in the show. 


Out door

(large fire shows)

Although many of these act have been done indoors with local fire marshals involvement they are more ideal for out door events. With these show there are a number of themes done on a regular bases and with enough time more themes can be stream lined for specials events on request.

Along with the basic fire show the fire dress and projection screen can be brought in to most out door events on request.


Island themed fire show

(with projection or without)

Take a journey through the islands, explore the mystery of the gods and their story played out with fire. Anatolia works with hula dancers and takes weekly classes in classic Hawaiian culture and dance. In this production she offers a 20-30 min fire island show that can be done solo or with Polynesian dancers. With Polynesian dancers the show is 45 min longer.


Dark Circus

This Show show cases more of the magic of fire then dance. With illuminated magic levitating wand, fire umbrella, circus whip and much more. Ideal for children.


Halloween show

(with or without projection)

Like the Dark Circus fire show the Halloween show is great all family show. Done to mostly classic Halloween songs, such as Halloween, night mare on elm and much more this is a fun show for the whole family. 


Mardi Grass Old Hollywood show Projection show

A projection fire show that has a Mari-grass feel and a journey through early classic cinema.




Contact Juggling

and Living crystal sculpture


Crystal Juggling




Living Sculpture



Mystical Muses



Belly Dance Magic Show

The Mystical Muses are a dynamic belly dancing duo who offers magic, flow arts and sometimes even fire in their elaborate stage productions.



Flow Arts Belly dance Fusion

fire fans.jpg

Flow Arts belly Dance Fusion


Anatolia specializes in weaving the flow arts with belly dance. With a concentration on contact juggling with belly dance and fire fans with belly dance she has created a unique style. She offer workshops in contact juggling and bellydance and fire fans and belly dance.